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A Json based Rules Engine with extensive Dynamic expression support

Updated 1 month ago

JSON object diffs and reversible patching (jsondiffpatch compatible)

Updated 4 months ago

PowerShell framework for declaratively defining and idempotently imposing system configurations

Updated 6 months ago

UI for updating file times on Linux (X11) and MacOS. It might work on Windows but I don't know.

Updated 8 months ago

Watches folders or files for changes and writes those changes to stdout. The idea is that the output could be piped into a script that may take action on those events. Works on most operating systems (I've tested Windows and Linux).

Updated 3 years ago

Silly utility to count repetitions for my physical therapy exercises.

Updated 3 years ago

A lightweight embeddable Scheme-like interpreter for configuration

Updated 5 years ago

Will optionally watch the status of Numlock, Capslock, and Scroll Lock and ensure they're enabled or disabled to your liking.

Updated 6 years ago

rdcsync is a command line utility that aims to emulate the binary delta copy features of rsync but using the native Windows RDC facilities instead.

Updated 7 years ago

A proof of concept for a serverless electronic messaging board system using TCP socket communication.

Updated 7 years ago